Loop Me Baby One More Time

Originally announced at E3 2019 before making a big appearance at Sony’s PlayStation 5 event in June 2020, Deathloop is a game that has been enticing me from the first time I laid eyes on it. I’ve had a pretty good run with Arkane Studios, developers of Deathloop, over the last few generations – theirContinue reading “Loop Me Baby One More Time”

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

Vanillaware have been one of gaming’s most interesting and exciting developers for me ever since I dipped my toe into their worlds with Muramasa: The Demon Blade (a game I’ve previously written about). After that, I tried out Dragon’s Crown, and, although it’s a genre I don’t normally have an affinity for, I was ableContinue reading “13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim”

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 2: Rules

Welcome to The Play-By-Play, a column where I’ll be writing about an episodic game series as I play through the season, sharing my thoughts on the storyline, the game, and generally any other things that I’ve picked up on. Today, we’re continuing our journey with Dontnod’s Life Is Strange 2.

AnnaPurna is Killing the Game

You might have noticed, but gaming media has been ablaze over the last few days. I mean, when isn’t it? But recently, the news that Sony is focusing it’s developers more exclusively on the type of high-flying triple-A experience as seen in The Last of Us Part II and God of War and is limitingContinue reading “AnnaPurna is Killing the Game”

The Joy of the Replay

Gaming, as a hobby, generally focuses on the new. What novel experiences await us in these new worlds, these new stories, these new mechanics? That’s partially why the launch of consoles is such an exciting event for so many gamers around the world – the promise of what is yet to come. This is, ofContinue reading “The Joy of the Replay”

God of War

Walking along the streets of Oxford, you’d often see buses driving by, many with advertisements for some new movie or product plastered along their sides. In April 2018 however, it was Sony’s latest Playstation exclusive, Santa Monica’s God of War that had pride of place on those advertisements. It was there for months, and lookedContinue reading “God of War”