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Released in 2017 in the wake of the disastrous Wii U, the Nintendo Switch has changed the industry and Nintendo’s fortunes.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the latest gaming in the long-running tactical RPG series, and has developers Intelligent Systems at the peak of their powers. The amount of content on offer here is mindboggling – three alternate paths are available through the story which twists and turns as it heads towards its climax.

Hair-Raising Action

Bayonetta 2 caused a big stir when it was announced that it would be a Nintendo exclusive – the first in the series had been available on PS3 and Xbox 360, but it wouldn’t be here without Nintendo’s funding. What a shame that would be – much like its predecessor, Bayonetta 2 combines fast-paced action and angelic settings for a thrilling ride.

Mindbending Stories

Night In The Woods follows feline protagonist Mae Borowski as she returns to her hometown after quitting university. A fascinating game that touches on themes of existentialism, post-modern America and the plight of the suburbs, Night in the Woods is a must play for anyone looking to experience something fresh on their Switch.

How about some smaller experiences?

Indies on Switch

Röki Offers a Touching Look at Grief

Please be aware that spoilers abound in this post. Grief has got to be one of the most universal human experiences – something that will affect us all at some point in our lives – but also the most personal. It famously affects us all in a multitude of ways, differing not only from person to person, but also changes depending on where we’re at…

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AnnaPurna is Killing the Game

You might have noticed, but gaming media has been ablaze over the last few days. I mean, when isn’t it? But recently, the news that Sony is focusing it’s developers more exclusively on the type of high-flying triple-A experience as seen in The Last of Us Part II and God of War and is limiting smaller studios attempts to break out and produce their own…

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Exploring Spacetime With Genesis Noir

Every now and again, when you’re browsing through the Nintendo eShop or other such gaming stores, you’ll come across a graphic that really captures your imagination, and you’ll click through to find out more about the game. That’s exactly what happened to me with Genesis Noir, developed by New York City-based studio Feral Cat Den. The art deco stylings of the logo paired with the…

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