Folklore – Taylor Swift

It’s been a rocky few years for good old Taylor Swift. In 2014, she released the all-conquering 1989, a massive era for the star with hits such as Shake It Off, Blank Space and the brilliant Style. 1989 was an album of shimmering pop goodness, addictive, sugary confections that hit in all of the rightContinue reading “Folklore – Taylor Swift”

Song For Our Daughter – Laura Marling

This has been a week of counting down all of Laura Marling’s songs in celebration of this year’s release of her seventh album, Songs For Our Daughter. To wrap things up with a nice little bow, let’s take a deeper dive into her latest effort. Marling’s latest album came as somewhat of a surprise, maybeContinue reading “Song For Our Daughter – Laura Marling”

Set My Heart On Fire Immediately – Perfume Genius

On his debut album, Learning, Perfume Genius (real name Mike Hadreas) kicked things off with the ever cheery line ‘no one will answer your prayers’. Now, with his fifth: ‘half of my whole life is gone‘. He has a thing for dramatic starts. Compared with the bombast of No Shape‘s Otherside, Whole Life is aContinue reading “Set My Heart On Fire Immediately – Perfume Genius”