Miyazaki’s Forests

Humanity’s damaging effects on the environment have been considered pressing issues for many years now, and they continue to, rightfully, dominate global discussion and influence politics around the world. As these issues have continue to seep into the collective consciousness, people are increasingly thinking about how they interact with it, the responsibilities we have toContinue reading “Miyazaki’s Forests”

Imagination Run Wild

It’s 2019, and Taylor Swift is fully committed to her life as a pop star, continuing to explore the sounds that had defined her last two albums, 1989 and Reputation. The album, Lover, launches and, while still incredibly successful, the singles don’t quite reach the heights of those on previous albums, and the era feelsContinue reading “Imagination Run Wild”

Life Is Strange 2 Episode 1: Roads

Welcome to The Play-By-Play, a column where I’ll be writing about an episodic game series as I play through the season, sharing my thoughts on the storyline, the game, and generally any other things that I’ve picked up on. Today, we’re starting a new journey with Dontnod’s Life Is Strange 2.

Norman Fucking Rockwell!

Americana incarnate, Lana Del Rey finally arrives on her fifth album, which shows the culmination of the skills she had spent honing over the seven years since her debut, Born To Die, arrived on shelves back in 2012. That’s not to say Del Rey hasn’t released good music before – that debut was important inContinue reading “Norman Fucking Rockwell!”

It Takes Two (To Make It Through Lockdown)

2020 was basically a disaster of a year. As with many people around the world, it felt for me a little like the joy had been sucked out of life. Here I was, unable to meet friends easily, separated from my family half a world away, with not a lot on the horizon to lookContinue reading “It Takes Two (To Make It Through Lockdown)”

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

Sometimes, you’ll come across a piece of media at just the right time, and it’ll hit just right. Maybe the tone will match how your feeling at the particular moment, maybe the events will resemble some part of your life… There are myriad reasons for us to connect with any piece of art. The factContinue reading “Zero Escape: The Nonary Games”

Xenoblade Chronicles

Towards the end of the Nintendo Wii’s lifespan, support for the console really began to trickle to a halt. Fewer and fewer games were released, and the ones that were tended to be of average quality at best. At least, that’s how it seemed to me. Even before the ill-fated WiiU was announced, it wasContinue reading “Xenoblade Chronicles”